Welcome to our Voki page!

A Voki is an avatar we create to represent us on the Internet. It is an animated image that move and speaks! We just love making Vokis. It is a great way for us to publish our understanding of what we've learned in Social Studies.

Here's how we do it:

  • We start by brainstorming. What do we need to answer the Essential Question?

  • Then, we researching a topic, gathering key facts from reliable sources.

  • Next, we write our draft essay including an introduction, key details and a conclusion.

  • Then comes the great part! We decide on what our avatar will look like. Will it be male or female? What will it wear?

  • Now comes the really hard part. What will our avatar actually say? We only have 30 second in the Tellegami app. We can take longer in the Voki app. But how do we condense our essay into a script?

  • We hope you like our work. Here are just some Vokis we've created as samples.

  • See the 4th & 5th Grade Student Work pages for all our work.

Here is an organizer of what we want to learn on our fourth grade project:

Need to Know.png

Here is our organizer of our presentation:


Here is a How-To on Creating a Voki Presentation Using an Ipad:

How To Create a Voki Presentation Using an iPad

Grade 5 - Unit 1: The First People of the Western Hemisphere

Voki First People Cover.png
Click on the image to listen to our Voki.

Grade 5 - Unit 2 - Oh Canada! - Our First Country Study

Oh, Canada Voki.png
Click on the image to access our Voki.

Grade 4 - Unit 2a - The People of the Long House

People of the Long House Cover.png

Grade 4 - Unit 2b - Henry Hudson, Bringer of Change

Hudson Cover.png

Grade 4 - Unit 2c - First Encounter - The Man of the Sea Meets the People of the Forest

First Encounter Cover.png


Grade 4 - Unit 2d - The Walloons - French Settlers From the East

Walloon Cover2.png

Grade 5 - The Louisiana Purchase

Cover page for wiki.png

Lewis & Clark - Journey of Discovery

L&C Cover Slide.png