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Thomas Paine - "Common Sense"

Simple List of Important People

Adams, John - Patriot - Second President of the United States
Adams, Samuel - Patriot - American Revolutionary Leader
Adams, John Quincy - Patriot - Sixth President of the United States
Adams, Abigail Smith - Patriot - First Lady and Wife of John Adams, Second President of the United States
Allen, William - Loyalist - Former Mayor of Philadelphia
Allen, Ethan - Patriot - American Revolutionary War Patriot, Hero and Politician.
Arnold, Benedict - Patriot - American General who defected from the American to the British side
Askin, John - Loyalist - Fur Trader, Merchant and Official in Upper Canada.
Bowles, William Augustus - Loyalist - Maryland-Born English Adventurer
Brant, Joseph - Loyalist - Mohawk Leader and Loyalist during the American Revolution. Native American name:Thayendanegea
Brown, Thomas Burnfoot - Loyalist during the American Revolution
Cooper, Myles - Loyalist - President of King's College (now called Columbia University)
Dickinson, John - Patriot - American Statesman and Member of the Pennsylvania Assembly
Draper, Mary - Patriot - Woman who helped American soldiers during the revolution
Benjamin Franklin - Patriot - American Statesman
William Franklin - Loyalist - Governor of New Jersey, Son of Ben Franklin
King George William Frederick - King of Great Britain and King of Ireland during the American Revolution
Joseph Galloway - Loyalist and politician
**Simon Girty** - Loyalist and Liaison between Native Americans and Britain
**Major General Nathanael Greene** - American General during the American Revolutionary War
**John Hancock** - American Politician, Entrepreneur, and Soldier
**Patrick Henry** - Founding father of American Revolutionary War and governor of Virginia
**John Howe** - Loyalist printer during the American Revolution
**Thomas Hutchinson** - Last British royal governor of colonial Massachusetts
**John Jay** - The First Chief Justice of the United States
**Thomas Jefferson** - Third US President and Co-Author of the Declaration of Independence
**Captain John Paul Jones** - Captain of the American Navy - "I have not yet begun to fight"
**Brigadier General Henry Knox** - First United States Secretary of War
**Richard Henry Lee** - American Statesman
**Francis Lightfoot Lee** - Active in Virginia politics and signer of the Declaration of Independence
**James Madison** - Fourth President of the United States
**James Monroe** - Fifth President of the United States
**Margaret Catharine Moore** - Helped the colonists during the Battle of Cowpens.
**Thomas Paine** - Author of "Common Sense" and Revolutionary
**William Prescott** - American colonel in the Revolutionary War
**Paul Revere** - American Activist and Artisan
**Dr. Benjamin Rush** - Signatory of the Declaration of Independence
**Dr. Joseph Warren** - Doctor, Soldier and Statesman of the American Revolution
**General George Washington** - First President of the United States
**Phillis Wheatley** - First published African author in America
**James Wilson** - Signer of the Declaration of Independence