Population Density

How does Canada's geography, climate and natural resources impact where people live?

Canada Population Density 2006.png
Where do most of Canada's people live, as illustrated in this map?

Where Canada's Wild Things Live.png
Where do most of Canada's wildlife live, as illustrated in this map?

Below this line.png
Only one million people live above this line.

50% live in red dots.png
50% of Canada's population live in the red areas above.

View from Space.png

USA in comparison.png
Look at the lights from US cities in comparison.

Population Density.png
Click on the image to access the interactive website for a closer view.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/04/17/canada-empty-maps_n_5169055.html

Visualizing Population Density .png

Provincial Weather Titles.png

Gender Imbalances by Province.png

Source: MacLean's Mapping Canada Project

Canada Population 2011 Circle Graph.png

Population Map (lg).png