5.1: Geography and Early Societies of the Western Hemisphere

Essential Question: To what degree does geography determine culture?

Standard 3: The diverse geography of the Western Hemisphere has influence human culture and settlement in distinct ways. Human communities in the Western Hemisphere have modified the physical environment.

Quizlet #1 - Geographic Models

Quizlet #2 - Key Map Skills

The Western Hemisphere Today

Western Hemisphere Today.png

Task #1: Using your map analysis graphic organizer, answer the following questions:

  1. I Notice: What large things do you notice about this map? (Colors, shapes, border, etc.)
  2. I See: What small details do you see on this map?
  3. I Connect: Have you ever seen this map before? If so, tell us where you've seen it. If not, please say so.
  4. I Wonder: Look closely at this map. Think about the small details you just saw. What questions do you have about those details?
  5. I Conclude: What do you think is the purpose of this map? How can it be used?

Quizlet #3 - Geological Processes that Shape the Physical Environment of the Western Hemisphere

Quizlet #4 - Types of Maps

Vegetation Zones of North America Today

Vegetation Zones of North America.png
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