Unit 6: American Revolution

Driving Question: Is War Ever Justified?

Essential Question: How did the American Revolution affect the lives of its people in 1776?

Topic Question: What Makes People Choose Sides?

Task 6: Wanted Poster - Key People of the American Revolution

GWash Wanted Poster.png Wanted Posters Benedict's Want Ad.png


  1. Go to the wikispace – fourth grade – Key People

  2. Scroll down to “Simple List of Important People”

  3. Choose a person to research.

  4. Take notes on your person.

  5. Hit the home button

  6. Go to the Internet and search for an image of your person.

  7. Take a screen shot, go to the camera roll, edit, crop, enhance and save your image.

  8. Open the Wanted Poster app on the iPad.

  9. Choose a template

  10. Choose your photo

  11. Fill in the blanks

  12. Press preview, save, send, email to me.

Student Handouts