People Have Basic Needs

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Student Handout -

Think, Pair, Share - KWL Chart

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Our Word Wall


How do Different Communities Help People Meet These Needs? (Video)

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Click on the image to access Brain Pop. Log in using your username and password.

Lesson Plan Website with Resources when working without iPads

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Working with iPads

TASK #1 -Working with your iPad, click on the image below and study the different types of communities.

Interactive Map Communities.png

Task #2 - Complete the Triple T Chart

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Task #3 - Make an Educreations Video of your Triple T Chart and Record Your Data

Taking a Picture of Your Triple T Chart

  • Working with a partner, take a screen shot of your Triple T chart.
  • Go into the Camera - Camera Roll and locate your image.
  • Click Edit and Crop your image so that only the center remains.
  • Click the Enhance wand and save your image.

Putting Your Image into Educreations

  • Open Educreations
  • Click on the PLUS button on the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Mountain icon and go to Camera Roll
  • Scroll down until you reach the LAST image
  • Click on the image to insert it into Educreations

Typing Your Name and Class into Educreations

  • Now go back to the Plus button
  • Click on the A
  • Tap anywhere on the white surface
  • Type your first name and class

Recording Your Voice into Educreations

  • Now go to the red Record button and say" Hi, my name is (your first name and class) and this is my project of Rural, Urban and Surbuban Communities.
  • Explain the differences between each community.
  • Sign off by saying "Thank you for listening".

Saving Your Work

  • Click on the Send button about the red RECORD button
  • Type your first name and class into the first line called LESSON TITLE
  • Click SAVE.