Unit 6: American Revolution

Driving Question: Is War Ever Justified?

Essential Question: How did the American Revolution affect the lives of its people in 1776?

Topic Question: How can we understand the sequence of events, their causes and

consequences, by creating a timeline in the American Revolution?

Task 5: Timeline of the American Revolution

Timeline ReadWriteThink.png

Task #5 - Timeline to Revolution - Timeline App

  1. Using your iPad, open the Timeline app

  2. Create an account using your first name and class

  3. Add your avatar or using the default one

  4. Create your timeline by event.

  5. Project Title: The American Revolution

  6. Click on the line to create a date box.

  7. Label by date

  8. Write short description

  9. Write full description

  10. Come out of the app and go to dropbox first and download images from 4th grade, unit 6 - Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War

  11. Come out of the dropbox and go back into the Timeline app.

  12. Click the check

  13. Touch the line and make another box.

  14. Continue until you reach the end of the Revolutionary War

  15. Save your work.

Student Handout