Unit 6: American Revolution

Driving Question: Is War Ever Justified?

Essential Question: How did the American Revolution affect the lives of its people in 1776?

Topic Question: How can we understand the different perspectives of the colonists and British soldiers

by examining the events leading up to and during the Boston Massacre?

Task #2: Tellagami - "Was It a Boston Massacre or Boston Riot"

Task #2 - Using your completed persuasive essay, create a Tellagami, stating your position. Keep your reasons short. You only have 500 characters (letters and spaces) available.

Here are two examples:


Here's one that takes the opposite position:


  1. Open the Tellagami app on the iPad
  2. Click “create”
  3. Click on character
  4. Choose gender, eye color, skin tone, hair, top, bottom and shoes
  5. Click on emotion and choose an emotion
  6. Click on background – Packs – free – and choose a background
  7. Touch back button
  8. Click on the microphone and read your essay aloud.
  9. Listen to your voice! Re-record if you don’t like it or type the paragraph in.
  10. Share by emailing

Student Handout

Understanding S P I N

SPIN: a heavily biased portrayal of an event or situation to influence how people feel about the event. It occurs when key elements are emphasized and others downplayed or deleted all together.