1. What is a Complex Society and was New Amsterdam in 1660 a Complex Society?

2. What can we learn about the daily life of the people of New Amsterdam in 1660 by examining evidence they have left behind?

Topic 1

Quadrant Analysis of the Castello Map (1660)

Topic 2

Analysis of Dutch Street Names in Quizlet. What do we learn about the people of New Amsterdam by the names they give their streets?

Workshop Outcomes: Participants will:

  1. TECH - Be able to locate a specific site on the Internet using an iPad and negotiate to a specific page on a wikispace.
  2. TECH/SS - Be able to digitally examine a historical document in a wikispace.
  3. TECH/SS - Be able to take a screenshot of the New Amsterdam 1660 map (divided in quadrants): edit, crop, enhance and save using an iPad.
  4. TECH - Be able to upload that map into the Educreations app.
  5. TECH - Be able to record their voices as they work in the Educreations app.
  6. SS - Be able to Identify elements of a map (compass rose, title, key, symbols, labels)
  7. SS/ELA - Be able to identify historical details on the map using the "I See" protocol.
  8. SS/ELA - Be able to differentiate between what they see (I See) and what they think (I Think) of the historical details on the map.
  9. SS/ELA - Be able to process what they've seen and thought about details on the map to ask a question (I Wonder) about the information.
  10. SS/ELA - Be able to research answers to their I Wonder questions.
  11. TECH/SS/ELA - Be able to share verbally and in writing what they've learned.


Cover Page Image

New Amsterdam Harbor.png

Word Work: What is a Complex Society?

STWS Chart pix.png

Quad Analysis Yellow Map pix.png
The Castello Plan, Map of New Amsterdam, 1660

Castello Plan Map Legend pix.png
Castello Plan, Map Legend, 1660
Dutch West India Company Seal.png
Dutch West India Company Seal

Quizlet of Dutch Street Names in the Castello Plan

Concluding Image

Canal Street.png
Canal, New Amsterdam, 1660


The World of Peter Stuyvesant, New Amsterdam, 1660

Post-Assessment Survey