Task #: List the natural resources existed in the Middle Colonies in the 1600's. Note the other facts as well.


Rivers were a primary resource for settlers in the Middle Colonies. The Hudson River and New York Harbor were excellent means of transportation.




The ocean was an excellent source of fish for food and whales for oil.


The climate of the Middle Colonies was not as harsh as that of New England. There were long summers with hot temperatures, cool autumns and cold winters.
Other Facts
Ratio Men to Women
In the 1640, many people died when they first came to the area that became the Middle Colonies. In New Netherlands, there were 2 men for 1 woman. In the Chesapeake, there were 6 men for every 1 woman.
Health Conditions

Live Expectancy


Exports and Crops

Hills and Valleys (rich soil)

Farmers grew many crops in the rich soil.

Rivers (deep and wide)

Ships were able to travel far inland on the deep, wide rivers. Waterways were used to ship goods and to travel.


Much milder climate

Reasons for Settlement

Economic Reasons

Some colonists came for riches like gold.

Religious Freedom

Some colonists came for religious freedom. In England, people could be punished for not belonging to the Church of England.

Political Freedom

Some colonists came to get away from the rule of the King. They could rule themselves in the colonies.