Task Card 2A - Quadrant Analysis - Philadelphia 1799

Philadelphia Corner 2.pngCaption Philadelphia 1799.jpg

Directions: Examine the image above of the corner of Market and Third Street in Philadelphia in 1799. Draw a line horizontally through the center of the image. Draw a line vertically through the center of the image. Number each quadrant. What do you see in each quadrant?

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Examine both images above. How are they alike? How are they different?

Thunder Tipi.jpg

Thunder Tipi Citation.png

Group 0f Tipis .jpg

Group of Tipis Citation.png

Contrast and Compare

Philadelphia Corner 2.png

Philadelphia 1799

Group 0f Tipis .jpg

Great Plains, 1810

How are they alike?

  • Both of these images show homes where people lived.
  • They are both shelters.
  • They are both places for people come together.
  • They both must have been made by people who were taught how to make them.

How are they different?

  • They are made of different materials. This one is made of brick.
  • This building is permanently built into the ground.
  • This building can house different amounts of people. This one can house many people.
  • This one is located in a city.
  • This one took many people to make.
  • This one probably cost more to make.
  • This one looks very complicated to make.
  • The people who made this building must have understood a lot about how to make tall buildings stay up.
  • They are made of different materials. This one is made of buffalo hide.
  • This tipi is meant to be taken down and moved to another place when the tribe follows the buffalo herds.
  • This tipi can house a few people, or a small family.
  • This one is located in the country.
  • This one took only a few people to make.
  • This one was made from the skins of animals that were hunted for food. The people didn't use money to make it.
  • This one looks simple to make.
  • This tipi doesn't have a second floor.

What do you think the people who lives in these homes would think of the others?

Key People of the Expedition

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