February, 2014

Holidays and Celebrations

Valentine Baby Bear.pngEssential Question: Why Do We Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Rubric: ISTE NETS 6a, CCLS Speaking & Listening 3.5, CCLS S&L K.6, CCLS Reading Foundations K.2, ESL Speaking in English 4

Danielson's Framework for Learning

1f: Designing Student Assessment
2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning
3d: Using Assessment in Instruction


Key Understandings

After watching a short video on the history of Valentine's Day, students will:

  • create an Educreation video on an iPad that they share with one other student

  • review vocabulary

  • adding pages with images of valentines

  • record their voices, explaining why people give valentines to each other on this date

  • reading each valentine caption aloud

  • hand decorate each page.

  • Valentine's Day is a holiday when people show their affection for each other.

  • Exchanging valentines is a custom that dates back to Roman times.

  • Giving and receiving valentines is a way of showing people that you care about them.