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"The Greatest Explorer Whose Dreams Never Came True" - Biography.com

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Henry Hudson - The Bringer of Change, as told by Standing Bear, Boy of the Haudenosaunee Nation.

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Henry Hudson's Dream - To Find a Northern Route to the Spice Islands

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This map shows where the Spice Islands are located between Borneo and New Guinea in Southeast Asia. This was the only place in the whole world were cloves, nutmeg and mace were grown. Spices were used to make food taste better. But people in Henry Hudson's time believed that spices could cure diseases. This made the spices worth their weight in gold. The arrows show the route that spices took from the Spice Islands to Europe.

The Northwest Passage

For Henry Hudson, the problem was getting to the Spice Islands. He believed that if he sailed north, he could find the "Northwest Passage". Unfortunately, the passage was blocked by sea ice.

This is how the Northwest Passage looks as it exists today. Note that the sea ice has melted to such levels that a ship can now sail through the passage.

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Timeline of His Life and Voyages - Hover over the dots to see the tabs

Brief Biography

"Henry Hudson made his first voyage west from England in 1607, when he was hired to find a shorter route to Asia from Europe through the Arctic Ocean. After twice being turned back by ice, Hudson embarked on a third voyage--this time on behalf of the Dutch East India Company--in 1609. This time, he chose to continue east by a more southern route, drawn by reports of a possible channel across the North American continent to the Pacific. After navigating the Atlantic coast, Hudson's ships sailed up a great river (which would later bear his name) but turned back when they determined it was not the channel they sought. On a fourth and final voyage, undertaken for England in 1610-11, Hudson spent months drifting through the vast Hudson Bay and eventually fell victim to a mutiny by his crew. Hudson's discoveries laid the groundwork for Dutch colonization of the Hudson River region, as well as English land claims in Canada." Source: History.com

Voyages -

1607 - Voyage #1 1608 - Voyage #2 1609 - Voyage #3 1610 - Voyage #4

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