Unit 6: The American Revolution

Driving Question: Is War Ever Justified?

Essential Question: How did the American Revolution affect the lives of its people in 1776?

Topic Question: How can we retell the story of the Boston Massacre using images and text to better understand the impact it had on each side?

Task 3: Graphic Novel – A Retelling of the Boston Massacre from a Participant's Perspective

Thru My Eyes.png

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Assignment #2: Through Their Eyes: A Retelling of the Boston Massacre

Your Task

  1. Retell the events of the Boston Massacre from the perspective of one person who was actually there.

  2. Read the rubric before you begin.

  3. Using your storyboard, think about the images, text, sounds, smells and dialogue you want to include to tell the story.

  4. Complete the storyboard with your ideas.

  5. Using images in Dropbox (ONLY!), create your graphic novel using Comic Life.

  6. Be sure to use speech and thought bubbles.

  7. Create a last page and include all your sources.

Click on the image to zoom in on the rubric.

Graphic Novel Rubric

Student Handouts