"Though Mary's Eyes: New York City in 1936"

Essential Question: How Have Families Changed Over Time?

Examining Primary Source Audio Recording

Our Kindergarten students are developing their ideas on how families in New York City have changed over time. They watch "Through Mary's Eyes", written on the iPad with the Storykit app. Here are the images they see as Mary, age 91, tells her story.

NYC Then & Now by Mom.png
Click on the image to listen to "Mary's Story"

Mary tells them about growing up in the Bronx, watching the elevated subway being built and getting sick on the trolley! They learn about the milkman and his horse coming to the door every morning with fresh milk. They learn about Mary's nine brothers and sisters going to the public school down the block from her home. They listen as she tells them how excited she was when her father bought the family its first car, a Studebaker President. Then they look at early New York City images from the New York Public Library's digital collection. They discuss what is the same and what is different.

Task: Using the iPad and the Educreations' app, draw a picture of one thing that was different in the past and explain your ideas as you draw.