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Lesson Plans and Supporting Documents

New Amsterdam - A Closer Look

Task: Click on the following image and zoom in. Panning to the right, look at each building. What do you see? What job do you think that person had. What do you notice about the building? Write down your observations.

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Original Source Document - Diary

Task: Read the following excerpts from Daniel Pitersen's diary. What was the most important need his family had in March, 1660? How did they meet that need?

New Amsterdam Diary.png

Analysis of the Castello Plan of New Amsterdam, 1660


  1. Click on the image

  2. Move the square to the lowest part of the map.

  3. Zoom in.

  4. Look at the legend. List the colors and the types of buildings.

  5. Hover over the red squares. Who lived in this house? Write down the name of the occupants and their occupation.

  6. Be sure to look at Pearl Street.

  7. Analyze your summary. How many women owned their own property in New Amsterdam in 1660?


Interactive Castello Map.png
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