You've chosen to explore the lives of children who worked in canneries in America in the late 1800's and early 1900's. You will complete tasks related to the images and websites linked on this page. Bring your white Social Studies/Technology binder to the computer labs and our classroom. Take notes in the new "Child Labor" section in your binder. Read, watch the videos, take notes, think about what you've read and seen, reflect on how this information makes you feel and keep your notes together. You will create a final product that reflects what you've learned.

Task #1: Graphic Organizer
Look closely at the image below. Notice that there are four key topics you will explore. They are (1) Economics, (2) Geography, (3) Social Forces, (4) Reform. Read the questions in each topic. Answer these questions. Write an essay about each topic. Tech Tip: Remember to pinch and stretch on your iPad to expand the image.

Task #2 - Gathering Evidence from Visual Images & Eyewitness Accounts
Gorenflo Canning Company, Biloxi, Miss .jpg
"View of the Gorenflo Canning Company, Biloxi, Mississippi. March 1911"
Eyewitness Account Lewis Hine wrote "Taken at 7 AM. Many tiny workers here, some of whom began to arrive as early as 5 o'clock, and (sic) hour before they were allowed to begin work, and long before daylight on a damp, foggy day. The whistle had blown and they came and stood around merely to hold their places. When the "catch" has been good, they begin work early, but today, it was not good so they waited for daylight. In this group I ascertained the ages of a few, as follows, 1 child of 6 years, 1 of 7, 2 of 8, 1 of 10 and there were many others. See report also. Location: Biloxi, Mississippi. March, 1911"Source: Citation 2.png

Directions: Complete the following chart, based on the image above.5W+1H Table pix.png

Task #3 - Word Work - Jobs and Descriptions (All Industries)
Directions: Read, listen and copy the following words into your white binder. Pay close attention to the places where these children worked.

Task #4 - Gathering Evidence from Written Text - Eyewitness Account by Lewis Hine
Directions: Read Lewis Hine's report by clicking the image below. Answer the questions on the handout.
Child Labor in Gulf Coast Canneries by Lewis W. Hine 1911

Task #5- Gathering Evidence from Persuasive Writing - "My Cotton Dress"

My Cotton Dress.png

Task #6- Write a Poem through the Eyes of a Child in this Image
Shuckers at Varn & Platt Canning Co, SC.jpg
Shuckers at Varn & Platt Cannery, South CarolinaPhoto by Lewis Wickes Hine, 1911

Task #7- Summarize Your Research
Now that you've gathered information, go back to the graphic organizer and answer all the questions. Have you missed any? Be sure to check the section on "Reform". Check other sources for missing data. Begin to draft your essay.