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Overview: In this unit, we will be answering the essential question, "How do geography, economics, people and key events connect to shape the nation of Canada?" You will complete research on Canada as a whole and then look at individual provinces and territories within Canada itself.

Unit Task: Your task will be to create a non-fiction book on an individual Canadian province or territory using Comic Life on your iPads. You will work in teams of four, with each member assigned a specific page to design, research and create. The individual pages will then be combined to create a single book. The team will be evaluated on the combined final product.

Product Design (Layout, Panel Design, Captions, Voice and Thought Bubbles): Each team member will use the same layout and panel design.

Task Rubric: Begin by reading the rubric in detail on the Canada - Rubric page.

Team Avatar: Your cover page will have a team avatar, identifying each member of the team. See dropbox for the team avatar image.

Individual Avatars: You will each choose an avatar who will become the narrator on your page. See dropbox for your choice of avatars.

Research: Begin your research here by clicking on the individual wiki page.

Task Parameters:

Layout: Road Trip

Cover Page:

Team Page (last):