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We can learn a lot about people by listening to the music of their times. In this section, we will listen to music from the 1770's and read the lyrics (words) to these songs. We will dig deeper into the text, looking for words of emotion that will help us understand their perspective. We will answer the Essential Question: How did the Boston Tea Party affect the lives of the people of Boston in 1776?

Task #4: Music of the Revolutionary War - Educreation Video

In your Social Studies/Technology binder, put a heading on a clean page and entitle it, "Music of the Revolutionary War". Write down the essential question and the title of the first song, "The Rich Lady Over the Sea"

This song was sung by the American colonists as a protest against the British tax on tea.

a. Click on the image at home and watch the video on Youtube.

b. In the media center, click here to listen to the music and read the lyrics.

c. Now review the words and copy them into your binder. Then listen again!

d. Write a paragraph in your binder, explaining how the song "The Rich Lady Over the Sea" helps you understand how the colonists felt towards British rule.

e. Using the iPad, create an Educreations video.

  • Title: "The Music of the Revolutionary War"

  • Your Name and Class

  • Choose an image from Dropbox

  • Type in your paragraph

  • Record

  • Press "Done", save lesson, type your name and class, press next, public, save, and email to me.

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