Essential Questions: What are important features of communities throughout the world? How does the geography of a region affect where people live?

Essential Understandings:

AFRICA – large and diverse continent 3.1c– located and identified by geographical features 3.1b, 3.1c,3.1d– many unique features (Sahara Desert, savannah, rainforest,Great Rift Valley, rivers,mountains, etc.) 3.2a– variety of climates (arid,semi-arid, tropical, etc.) 3.2a– described by regions (North,Sub-Saharan, and South Africa,etc.) 3.2a– contains many different countries3.2a– connected and separated by rivers and waterways and other geographic features (Nile River,Lake Victoria, Suez Canal) 3.2a– natural resources (diamonds,gold, oil, ebony) 3.1d, 3.1e– vegetation and wildlife (lions,zebras, rhinoceros, gorillas, etc.)3.1d

Country Focus:

FOCUS: Case study of an African community (Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.)– location and key geographical features 3.1c– impact of geography and climate3.1e, 3.2a– people and groups then and now (issues of diversity/homogeneity)2.3a, 2.3b– economic systems and trade(marketplace) 4.1e, 4.1f, 4.2– important contributions (inventions, folk tales, resources,etc.) 2.1c– the legacy of traditional culture(arts, music, dance, literature)2.1a, 2.1c. 2.2d– celebrations and important events 2.4c– family structures, religion,school, work and leisure time2.1c, 2.4b– differences between urban and rural communities 2.1a, 2.4b,2.4c, 3.1d, 3.1e
Essential Question: Are We The Same or Different from the People of Africa? What are the Important Features of Communities Around the World?

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Sahara Desert
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Great Rift Valley
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Nile River
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Lake Victoria
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Suez Canal
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Atlas Mountains
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