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The United States is a country made up of immigrants from every part of the world.
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Where did your family originate?

Click on the Google Form and respond.

Task #1 - Educreations Video

My Family's Country - Ireland FNL.png

Using the paragraph you've just written, made an Educreations video:
  1. Go to Educreations and create a new lesson.
  2. Go to dropbox - Fifth Grade - 4. Immigration - My Family's Country - Border.
  3. Download the blue border into Educreations.
  4. Go back to Dropbox - My Family's Country - Countries - Your family's country - download two maps - country map and world map.
  5. Place the two maps on the left with the world map on top.
  6. Touch the "T" and type your name in blue. Place in the lower right corner.
  7. Touch the "T" and type the title "My Family's Country - (insert country name)".
  8. Record your voice, reading your paragraph.

Task #2 - Your Family Tree

Using the family tree template, fill in as much information as you can starting with yourself. Be sure to ask you family for help.
Family Tree.png

Task #3 - Write a Storykit essay on your family's country of origin. Use images in Dropbox.

  • Page One - Title
  • Page Two - Introduction
  • Page Three - Location
  • Page Four - Geography
  • Page Five - Currency & Economics
  • Page Six - Culture (Clothing, Festivals, Music)
  • Page Seven - Conclusion

Task #4 - Timeline

My Family's Timeline.jpg

Using the Timeline app on the iPad, create a timeline of your family's journey to the United States. Include yourself in the timeline.

Student Work



Student - Created Project

My Family's Country - Greece

My Family's Country - Jamaica

My Family's Country - Germany