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Welcome to the PS 79 Queens Wikispace!

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Who We Are

I am an instructional Technology Specialist who has returned to the classroom to work directly with students and teachers integrating technology into the classroom. I lead a collaborative learning community of educators and administrators at PS 79 Queens as well as one that continues to thrive and grow from the Office of Educational Technology, NYCDoE.

Danielson's Evaluation Design Overview

Common Core State Standards

Principles and Practices of Engaged Teaching

5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching  - Overview.png
Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

I found this very interesting book, The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching by Laura Weaver and Mark Wilding, on Edutopia, one of my favorite sources of ideas. It focuses on the ART of teaching.

21st Century Learning

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Depth of Knowledge as a Pedagogy Wheel

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Project-Based Learning

We are exploring Social Studies using Project-Based Learning protocols. Click on the link below for more information.
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Buck Institute for Education

Thinking Like An Historian

Our students look closely at key events in history, searching for answers to our overall essential question, "How have key events in history impacted the lives of the people who experienced them?" Our overall focus is on the PEOPLE in history, not dates or events alone. We believe that if we understand more about the people before us, we will learn more about ourselves.

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Wisconsin Historical Society

Common Core Learning Standards


iPads Rule

All our work, from research to production, is done on an iPad.

Our Program

Be sure to check our Long and Short Term Goals, as well as a greater description of our work, on the tab on the left. We believe that by teaching our students 21st Century skills, like Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity, they will be empowered to become academically, socially and emotionally successful in their adult lives.

We want our students to SOAR!